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Hey Everybody!  Let the world see how much you love SpongeBob!
Scan your original SpongeBob art, email it to us and we'll post it right here!

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1. Start off with a slightly wedged rectangular shape.  Divide it into sections as shown.

2. Draw 2 circles resting on the center lines.  Add an oval for a cheek.  Draw in a mouth and upper lip.  Now add 4 slightly curved triangles.  Kinda like exhaust ports, 2 on the bottom and 2 on the side, just above the dividing line.

3. Add lashes on the eyes.  Draw in a tongue.  Draw L-shaped tubes for arms and legs and cap them with circles.

4. Now carefully draw in the nose starting from and ending on the vertical drawing line.  It’s kinda like a finger.  Add 2 squares for his buck teeth.  Draw in his shirt collar and tie.  Now for his shoes, draw a peanut shaped that will go right over the circles you drew there before.



5. Draw in his pupils.  Add freckles and lower lip line.  Start to indicate his fingers.  Draw in his belt loops as simple rectangles.  Draw in 2 small rectangles at the base of his heel.  Oh, and draw in 3 curved lines just under his knees on each leg for his socks.

6. Now add in his wavy spongy outline, add in his spots.  Tighten his fingers and finish off his shoes by carefully adding in a sole and heel

Ta-Da it’s Spongebob! Now draw Spongebob and send it to us for posting!
See submission requirements here.




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